The Seven Stages of Pokemon Go Play

Jumpin’ on the Pokemon bandwagon. Hard. I’ll be the first to admit I’m addicted to hunting Jigglypuffs and Eevees all over town. It’s a dark, dark rabbit hole. Step one is knowing you have a problem, right?

  1. Confusion

What the hell is Pokemon Go and why is everyone talking about it? Did I just time travel?

  1. Reluctance

I guess this is kinda fun #GooglesEveryPossibleArticleHowtoPlay. But can I please find anything other than a rat in this city?

  1. Fit AF

Well I didn’t mean to walk 10 miles today, but there were just so many checkpoints nearby…

  1. Anger

That’s my gym bitch. You don’t mess with the Red Team’s turf. Especially with a character named AdolfStalin, Jesus.

  1. Bargaining

Dear god, why has this taken over my life? I can’t sleep or turn the phone off (unless it dies) without checking just one last time to make sure there are no Pokemon around.

  1. Depression

Is this really my life? How old am I?

  1. Acceptance

Well if this is my life, at least I’ll be skinny. And if the world is going to be overrun with tiny little monsters, at least they’re cute monsters. But seriously, when will this fad end? I have adulting to do.

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