One of my favorite books is The Tipping Point because by nature, I am a connector. Someone who can take a vision, put it into the world and enjoy the ripple effect as it spreads. Someone who truly excels at networking, I love working with brands, PR peeps, media mavens, marketing gurus, and social media rockstars to combine forces and do great things. Much more than “just a blogger” or “just a writer” I am a digital strategist (with a master’s in E-business) and will go above and beyond to connect your message to the right audience.

With more than 195K+ social media followers and a Klout score of 69+ (RIP), I am a trusted influencer in topics such as travel, food, Denver, Chicago, social media, content marketing, and more. Instagram is by far my favorite channel and according to Social Blue Book and FOHR, I have great engagement.

Get in touch to discuss your project needs or visit my portfolio site to learn more about my work. You can also download my Influencer Media Kit here.

Ways We Can Work Together:

  • Influencer Campaigns – Send me to your destination to tell the story through articles and eye-catching photography promoted on my channels or yours.
  • Influencer Campaign Management – Looking for additional influencers to work with or travel sub-niches beyond food and adventure (family, couple’s, specific demographic targeting, etc.)? I have a highly vetted network of social media all-stars to recommend and can serve as your point person for a multi-faceted campaign from talent vetting to contract negotiations, content delivery, and reporting.
  • Influencer Marketing Consulting – Want to learn how to run your own best-in-class campaigns? I recently launched the Influencer Institute to educate brands on best practices for working with influencers. Download the FREE guide here.
  • Video Hosting or Creation – Bring your brand to life with multimedia.
  • Brand Ambassadorships – Looking to create an ongoing partnership with a killer content creator? Let’s collab.
  • Sponsored Blogs or Social Media Posts – I can naturally incorporate complimentary brands into my lifestyle content.
  • Social Media Growth Hacking – Looking to gain followers and improve your engagement? I offer hourly services to grow your account and optimize your content or consulting services to teach you how to fast track your audience growth.
  • Freelance Writing / Editing / Photography / Design / Digital Marketing – From lead gen to content marketing, I’ve strategized and executed on every part of the sales funnel to get your message out there, get customers to take action, and deliver results.
  • Event Planning / Hosting / Promotion – Want to host an Instameet or experiential brand pop-up? Let’s brainstorm creative ideas.
  • The Sky’s the Limit!

Want examples or rates for any of the above services? Shoot me an email.

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Can’t get enough?

You can see a variety of my clips and writing here.