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I’ve long documented my struggle with maintaining fitness and nutrition routines while traveling and the effects being on the road 24/7 have had on my body. While it does still nag at me like an unmet resolution, this year, I’m changing my tune.

Instead of focusing on eating better or losing weight to look or feel better, my new goal is a more holistic approach to health centered on longevity and self-care. There’s no if’s, and’s or buts that getting old sucks and I wish I could turn back the clock, but at the end of the day, you’re only as old (or as fit) as you feel. Which is why I want to work on improving my mindset.

As the most stressed generation to date, millennials may appear lackadaisical and even come across as lazy, but many have side hustle after side hustle, the struggle to keep financial burdens and interpersonal relationships afloat while drains like technology, social media, and politics a constant buzz of negativity. It’s hard to tune out the noise and with only so many hours in the day, the work-life balance is what suffers. With constant societal pressures impacting our psyche, it’s high time to be selfish and prioritize ourselves. Who’s with me?

Health is so much more than just working out or eating right, which is why the MINDBODY app helps me achieve a holistic approach to self-care. If you’re looking for tips and techniques to live a healthier, happier life, here are some suggestions (that I myself need to get better about following) and salons/studios you can try right in your own backyard.


The seven pillars of wellness include physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, occupational, and spiritual elements that all contribute to your quality of life. As the foundation for your mental and spiritual well being, wellness is the ultimate goal as it is a means of developing a lifestyle that promotes growth, learning, and sustainability.

It means taking the time to treat yourself and listening to your body, which can be as small as reading a book, relaxing in a bubble bath, or splurging on a spa treatment. It could mean practicing meditation, trying a yoga class, or learning a new skill. It could also mean setting aside five minutes to reflect on the day’s events or just going for a walk around your neighborhood to clear your head. Whatever it means to you, make a conscious effort to integrate some form of wellness activity into your daily routine.

Wellness Activities to Try this Fall:


I have a love-hate relationship with working out. I love being active and getting my step count up, but I also have ADD and get super bored with standard fitness routines and classes. I’m someone who needs an end goal and would much prefer a waterfall hike to running or biking because there’s something to look forward to. Living in Colorado, it’s not always possible to exercise outside (although ski season is upon us). Once you get motivated to get your butt to the gym, generally you’re happy to be there once the endorphins kick in.

If you’re looking for creative ways to switch up your fitness routine, here are some ideas and classes to try:

  • Go for a swim or try water aerobics
  • Take a dance class (Tease has fun options like Twerkshops and Video ixens)
  • Channel your inner diva on the trapeze or silks at Circus Collective
  • Try City Surf (just because we’re landlocked doesn’t mean it’s easy)
  • Do meta-circuits, which make the time fly by
  • Try a new martial art (Brawl at the Barre Code is a combination of kickboxing and barre and a personal favorite)
  • Signup for a rock climbing gym or kayak class
  • Take it outside – places like Red Rocks are a great spot to work up a sweat


Beauty is more than skin deep. It’s feeling confident — and comfortable — in your own skin. And while makeup can hide flaws, the best thing to do is address the underlying issue. Social media makes it almost impossible not to feel self-conscious when we’re inundated with beautifully curated images all day every day. If you start feeling down, turn off the devices and engage in real life.

Here are a few ways to instantaneously feel more beautiful:

Everything’s better with accountability. Who wants to commit to a self-care challenge the rest of the year?

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