CBD claims to have a slew of health benefits from relaxation and focus to inflammation and pain. It’s been said to improve sleep and muscle tension and comes in a variety of forms from consumables you eat or drink to vaping, topicals, lotions or oils you put on your skin, and even has pet-safe variations to help Fido chill. But with so many products and so many promises, it also comes with a lot of misinformation.

To clear up the confusion, I’m here to share what CBD is and the CBD products I recommend for tired travelers. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring part of the cannabis and hemp plant. It’s federally legal and contains no psychoactive components like THC, which means it won’t make you high, but rather help your body recover with a little TLC — mentally and physically.

While there are scientific studies to support the health claims, everybody is different. Try a few products, see how your system reacts, experiment with dosages, and build up your confidence. Look for reputable companies that disclose how and where their products are produced and how they’re regulated. I have found the below recommended CBD products to help with jet lag and to ease tension after a long bout of travel but you’ll have to see for yourself.

CBD Beverage – Present Sparkling Water

Locally made in Colorado (who is, let’s face it, the leader in green), Present is a collaboration between Left Hand Brewing Co. and WAAYB Organics. A sparkling seltzer, it is basically the CBD version of LaCroix that’s all organic and contains 0 calories, 0 sugar and 0 sodium so completely guilt-free. A Full Spectrum Distillate, it gives you the highest number of cannabinoids available and comes in three flavors – natural, blood orange, and lemon+lime (my personal favorite). Obviously, you can’t travel with liquids, but it’s great to crack open a can and hit the couch upon return or swig before security if you’re a nervous flier.

CBD Lotion – Medterra Cooling Cream

A mix of cooling menthol and soothing arnica, this topical lotion feels great on sore muscles and joints after sports, the gym, or really any time. The smell takes a bit of getting used to but it’s quick-acting, small enough to pack in a carry-on (a little bit goes a long way), and available at your local CVS. It is non-GMO, made in the USA, and pesticide-free.

Artisanal Chocolate Bars – Therapeutic CBD Chocolate

A handmade confectionary that combines the health benefits of cocoa with CBD, this self-proclaimed superfood comes in a variety of crazy (genius) combinations like Caramel Coconut Drizzle, Raspberries and Cinnamon, Pomegranate Vanilla Bean, Peach Hazelnut, and Peanut Butter and Honey that makes it impossible to pick just one favorite. Fun fact: the oldest living person claimed to have eaten over two pounds of dark chocolate a week so you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to try it.

CBD Gum Drops – Lord Jones

A high-end hemp company out of California, Lord Jones is a lifestyle brand that works. Their calming candies are made in the US in small batches in limited edition flavors like green apple, black currant, and berry that are changed up seasonally and make for a sweet bedtime treat. If you like them and want to try something else they make, they were the first CBD brand to be carried by Sephora and their Royal Oil is the highest concentrated CBD product sold in the store. But be warned – it’s potent.

CBD Lip Balm – Cannuka

Combining CBD with Manuka honey (tea tree extract harvested exclusively in New Zealand and Australia) and other essential oils, this potent lip balm combines two natural ingredients into one powerful little tube for even the driest, cracked lips (the forever struggle living in Colorado). They also sell it as part of a five-piece travel kit for all your skincare needs on the go.

CBD Bath Salts – Vertly

Handcrafted in Northern California with love, Vertly’s botanicals are slow-infused for three weeks before being hand massaged into bath salts for maximum effect. Baths are my favorite way to unwind and combined with the bonus of soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, I think it’s one of the best self-care products for your home or hotel.

CBD Tea – Green Roads

I’ve always been a tea person over coffee (although they have that too if you’re into that), so combining chamomile with CBD makes for an even more therapeutic blend. Perfect at home or on the road, their tea bags are super affordable (thanks Groupon!) and portable enough to bring anywhere from camping trips to helping you sleep on the plane. Made in the US by a licensed pharmacist, Green Roads is an award-winning company that claims to have the purest CBD on the market.

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