There’s a common belief with travelers that experiences generally outweigh things. But that doesn’t make life easy for friends and family come the holiday season. If your loved ones are at a loss for what to get the traveler in their life who doesn’t care about “stuff” and seemingly has everything, rest assured, there are plenty of gadgets, treats, and subscriptions to fuel the wanderlust and make life easier or more enjoyable on the road without explicitly springing for pricey plane tickets or hotel rooms. Check out these amazing stocking stuffers and unique travel gifts for any budget that the adventure seeker in your life actually wants.

For the Experience Seeker – a Tinggly Gift Card

How about a gift card to 1,000s of the world’s best experiences? The ultimate memory maker, from extreme adventures like skydiving to once-in-a-lifetime tours, you specify the type of experience you want the recipient to have (like bucket list or romantic) or the occasion (wedding, birthday, holiday) and the recipient chooses and books whatever suits their fancy. Activities are available in more than 100 countries and are valid for up to five years so the user can check all those hot air balloon rides, whitewater rafting, and Lamborghini driving dreams off their bucket list. Give stories, not stuff.

For the Foodie – MunchPak

Like subscription boxes? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t like getting stuff in the mail? With everything from cheese of the month to candy and carnivore club (yes, really), there’s a subscription service for just about every whim and fancy. For the adventurous eaters, though, MunchPak is a way to try snacks from all over the world in one tasty, curated treat box. Think amazing chocolate from Europe, sweet and spicy chips from Mexico, and sour candy from Asia. It’s like traveling from the seat of your couch.

For the Winter Sports Enthusiast – Prescription Ski Goggles

Had I known these existed, it would’ve been an investment I made years ago. A few hundred bucks more than normal ski goggles, they’re well worth the price to be able to see on the slopes when depth perception in harsh weather is already a challenge. If you’ve ever tried to awkwardly fit glasses under goggles only to frustratingly have them fog up while trying to shred, you know how invaluable it is to be able to see when participating in winter sports. SportsRx works with almost any weird/unusual prescription including those super blind like me with astigmatism in one eye.

For the Business Traveler – Nice Luggage

Like a purse or shoes, what luggage you carry makes a style statement. Whether you go soft shell or hardtop, traditional black or colored, and carry-on only or oversized, your choices say something about you as a traveler. AWAY Travel has quickly become the Internet’s favorite brand for its chic and minimalist design (get the blush pink, it looks the best in photos) and smart features invented with frequent travelers in mind. Think: ejectable batteries, built-in combination locks, and hidden laundry bags to maximize space and minimize hassle. Click to get $20 OFF – my gift to you.

For the Photographer – A Drone

#1 on my wish list for years, DJI is the leader in photo drones which you need to capture those epic “little people, big world” landscape shots. The new entry-level Mavic Mini starts at just $399 and fits in your pocket for travel, which is pretty affordable given the technology. Powered by a remote control that syncs with your smartphone, built-in image stabilization makes it easy to capture incredible pictures and cinematic videos with absolutely no experience. I finally got one this year and I LOVE IT.

For the Frequent International Traveler – A Portable WiFI Hotspot

This one’s a win-win because now friends and family can keep in touch with you without forcing you to burn through pricey international data. Skyroam is one of the leading WiFI providers which works in over 130 countries. A hotspot and portable charger all in one, you pay for unlimited global data via day passes, monthly plans, or per GB for up to 10 devices.

For the Outdoor Enthusiast – A Camp Cook Set

Everything you need to prepare meals over the open fire, this two-person cook set is invaluable for entry-level backpacking trips (like to Havasupai) and perfect for overnight camping trips. An all in one solution, it comes with a PocketRocket® Stove, dishware, mugs, pot, and silverware that folds up into one compact bundle for easy packing. Just add fuel!

For the Savvy Traveler – A Passport Scarf

Don’t want to look like a nerd with a money belt? I don’t blame you. Scarves with hidden pockets are the new way to keep your valuables and documents safe while looking like you just chicly accessorized. Beyond looking good and staying warm, feel confident knowing your passport is close to your heart — literally.

For the Travel Hacker – A Subscription to Scott’s Cheap Flights

The ultimate in error fare sourcing for international flights, almost two million users subscribe to the emails from Scott’s Cheap Flights, which is crazy if you think about it. A manual team of experts scours the web and sends alerts as soon as they find them so you never miss a deal. You can filter by departure city and opt-in to specific airports or just see what they find. Their everyday service is free, but premium gives you even more advanced intel like for special holiday fares and rare finds.

For the Disorganized Traveler – A Cord/Makeup Case

So you’re saying I can keep my cords, necklaces, and gadgets untangled in one small, foldable pouch? Sold. This universal organizer and carrying case is perfect for the lazy traveler who just tosses everything in their suitcase (guilty). Various sized zipped pockets secure small items to ensure they don’t get lost or knotted.

For the Chic Traveler – Overnight bag

The quintessential weekender, this cute duffle with detachable shoulder strap is perfect for short getaways and overnight trips. Roomy enough to fit 3-5 days worth of outfit changes along with travel essentials, it’s a true statement piece. Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?

For Those Who Have Trouble Sleeping on Planes – Weighted Eye Mask

A great stocking stuffer, Nodpod is the ultimate sleep mask. Like a weighted blanket for your eyes, it uses the science of deep touch pressure stimulation to apply gentle pressure to your body to relieve stress and anxiety, while promoting a deep and restful sleep wherever you are.

For the Luxury Traveler – A Priority Pass Subscription

For those who spend lots of time at airports or struggling with long layovers, Priority Pass allows you to access over 1,000 airport lounges around the world with one card. If you’ve spent any time at an airport lounge, you know they’re a lifesaver — think free food and drinks, faster WiFi, and a place to decompress without the chaos or crowds. There are three membership tiers ranging from $99 to $429/year.

And if none of those tickle your fancy, you can buy Airbnb or Southwest gift cards right on Amazon or gift miles from any airline. Beats giving cold, hard cash.

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