With the realization that a huge life milestone has hit turning the #DirtyThirty, I thought it’d be worth taking a minute to reflect on some of the things I accomplished over the last decade and set some new goals for myself. Being that I’m not your typical girly-girl, getting married and popping out babies aren’t exactly on the 5-year plan so you’ll find my ambitions to be a little less traditional.


  1. Got a master’s degree I didn’t know I wanted in a subject I didn’t know existed before I accidentally discovered the program (E-business, Depaul)
  2. Graduated college early because “I wasn’t being challenged” (huge mistake, CU-Boulder).
  3. Had a story published in an Amazon Best Seller.
  4. Quit two jobs I hated and figured out how to get paid to do what I love (Yay travel! Yay food!)
  5. Hiked Machu Picchu, the hardest thing I’ve ever physically done.
  6. Taught English overseas (Israel)
  7. Moved somewhere without a plan. Made it work.
  8. Became a Certified Viking.
  9. Ran the Alumni Association twice, for two different schools. Maybe I just like being called Madame President.
  10. Got a weekly column writing about one of my favorite topics (brunch) for a huge audience of 80,000.
  11. Learned to love, and let go (still working on that one).
  12. Went skydiving.
  13. Staffed high school graduation trips to Mexico while serving as the bodyguard for D-list reality stars (a certain someone from Laguna Beach whose name rhymes with Mason Lawler).
  14. Created a charity date auction website. Got warned by my lawyer it was borderline prostitution.
  15. Became a seriously adventurous eater – from bugs in Thailand to the French Laundry.
  16. Talked my way into getting press passes for almost every event I’ve wanted to attend (CES, Chicago Gourmet, still working on the Aspen Food and Wine Classic).
  17. Tried snowboarding, failed miserably. Skied decently.
  18. Got paid to model.
  19. Celebrated my first Christmas.
  20. Made it halfway through my goal of visiting all 50 states and 50 countries before 50.


  1. Get that scuba certificate. I took the class and realized I actually didn’t like scuba at all. The pressure on your body is too weird, but thankfully, you didn’t need a certificate to dive in Australia.
  2. Join the fourteener club (I do live in Colorado, after all) – Quandary 8/15
  3. Get comfortable skiing black diamonds (the landfills of Wisco don’t really count, unfortunately). – Not comfortable, but I was dragged up to Tucker Mountain via Toe Rope
  4. Travel to a “scary” place, one of those countries everyone thinks you’re crazy for wanting to go to (like North Korea, Iran, one of the ‘Stans).
  5. Find a volunteer project.
  6. Learn to climb mountains, not just hike them.
  7. Get better at golfing.
  8. Do a 5K.
  9. Enjoy cooking.
  10. Dye my hair blonde or hombre at least for a minute.
  11. Win Fantasy Football.
  12. Adopt Oliver James, my future Pomsky.
  13. Learn to forgive (that’s a toughie).
  14. Buy a house or become a nomad (one of the two).  The girl with itchy feet bought a condo 5/15!
  15. See the Northern Lights.
  16. Go to SXSW and/or Burning Man.
  17. Visit Portland and Austin, help keep both weird.
  18. Learn a new language. 
  19. Travel more long term (at least a month consecutively).
  20. Finally get to Australia and New Zealand (black water rafting)!  Won a free flight to NZ, went 2/16. Weird being that far away and feeling so not foreign. Went to Australia 12/19 and LOVED it.
  21. Instead of being a jack of all trades, master something.
  22. Become a travel “influencer.”
  23. Talk to my family more (sorry I’m so bad at keeping in touch).
  24. Eat at Alinea.
  25. Get published in a major publication like the NYT, Travel & Leisure or something similar  my content is being syndicated in HuffPo and I did a Forbes Insta takeover. NYT…I’m coming for ya.
  26. Continue learning about UX (yes, I am a dork).
  27. Re-learn Sign Language and Spanish.
  28. Get back to my pre-college weight. Forever a struggle.
  29. Have someone recognize me.
  30. Actually keep up with this blog 🙂
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