The Ultimate Chicago Bucket List – 22 Things Every Visitor and Local Must Do in Their Lifetime

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Chicago’s food, lake, theater, and arts all contribute to the rich cultural tapestry and there are a number of iconic things to do and signature places to eat that are required to have the quintessential Windy City experience.

“That’s So Boulder,” The City That Became It’s Own Best Adjective

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“That’s so Boulder” is a phrase you’ll commonly hear wandering the streets of Boulder as interesting characters and WTF moments abound. In fact, I can’t think of another destination that’s as much an adjective as it is a place.

How to Hit Every Possible Instagram Hotspot in NYC in 48 Hours (With Interactive Map!)

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I frequently joke that I plan my life around feeding time. In New York, I really did. Some call it the Big Apple. To me, it’s a big, gluttonous smorgasbord. A place of insane overindulgence where everything from your wildest fantasies is…

The Ultimate Denver Street Art Guide – Where to Find the Most Instagrammable Murals and Tips for Shooting

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One of three "Love this City" murals by Pat Milbery. This one is at Broadway and Arapahoe. At one point in time, graffiti was considered a faux pas, a destructive defacing of cities and public buildings. Some murals were politically charged…

The Ultimate Banff Itinerary – Four Iconic Parks in Five Days (with Map!)

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Two provinces. Three girls. Four parks. Five days. If it sounds like a jigsaw puzzle figuring out this trip itinerary, I can assure you it was. Banff is on almost everyone’s bucket list and you could spend weeks combing through the…

Your National Park Bucket List: The Best Photo Ops & Expert Tips for Maximizing Your Trip

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Dubbed "America's Best Idea," one of my favorite summer activities is camping and hiking at the national parks. Officially, there are 59 national parks (not counting the state parks and other protected nature areas) spread across every…