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One of the best secrets to finding untapped foodie destinations is to start small. In any city with a thriving tourism industry, the most well-known restaurants and bars are those that are shiny and new in the heart of downtown. If you keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground, you’ll find the real hidden gems. The best part about these establishments is they’re often more affordable and won’t come with hour waits.

In Colorado, this means food in Aurora. Home to over 250-independently owned ethnic restaurants, it’s just a twenty minute drive from Denver, but feels world’s away.

Why Head to the ‘Burbs?

Those who have never visited Colorado tend to skip over Aurora in their vacation planning, but that’s a mistake if you’re somebody who enjoys sampling a variety of worldly cuisine. It may be surprising to hear that even some of the locals haven’t explored this gem to its full potential. Whether you’re a tourist or a resident of the area looking to expand your dining horizons, trying out the lesser known businesses will give you a great feel for the authentic sense of community here. Click here if you’re looking for a unique way to get from one destination to the next in an affordable fashion while dining and adventuring.

Where to Grub

It seems like there’s no niche that goes unnoticed in the dining scene of Aurora, as there are selections such as African, Eastern European, Filipino, German, Hawaiian, and Vietnamese,  and this doesn’t even cover all of the cuisines that you’ll be able to find as you travel the streets. Seoul Korean BBQ is delicious for cook at the table cuisine, Katsu Ramen dishes out soup fast and furiously, while the appropriately named Thai Street Food serves just that.

If you want to sample it all, a day at the Stanley Marketplace will allow you to check out over fifty independently owned Colorado companies, many with off-shoots of popular Denver-area restaurants (Annette for brunch is a particular standout). There are plenty of opportunities for shopping, and it’s a great way to support the local economy.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

There’s more to discover than restaurants and bars when you consider the untapped destinations in Aurora. For example, there are eight local breweries that participate in the Public Library’s Explore Aurora Craft Brews Tour from May to October, and you’ll even receive a free growler if you check them all out. Food Truck Rodeos happen monthly throughout the summer and fall on the Great Lawn of the Municipal Center, and admission is completely free. 

The sense of community in Aurora is almost tangible, and it shines through when it comes to the food. The booming growth of this metropolitan area has new restaurants, bars, and retail ventures flowing in. The independent eateries offer authenticity, personality, and affordable food with amazing flavor and have gone a long way in transforming Aurora into the culinary destination that it is today. Now that you’re in the know, your biggest challenge will be deciding where to go first.

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