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There’s something inherently depressing about saying goodbye to summer and putting the sundresses, big-brimmed hats, and cute flip flops away for the season. Yes, the sunshine may be gone, but everything is about attitude and how you spin it. You can let yourself be sad that sweater weather’s here or use it as an opportunity to level up with layering. If nothing else, the cold is just an excuse to buy more clothes, right? Here are some tips for how to look snow bunny chic and resist the urge to wear yoga pants all season.

Invest in the Essentials – There are some staples you just need to have in your winter arsenal that you can build a wardrobe around. For example, a long cardigan, a nice coat, comfy boots, a cable knit sweater, a pair of black pants, your favorite jeans, and a blazer will never go out of style. These are pieces you’ll wear over and over again and can mix and match a million different ways.

Own Great Outerwear – A statement jacket is a worthwhile investment as it’ll last you forever. Think about what styles you prefer – puffy or knit, long or short, down or wool and if you want to stand out with a bold color like red or stick with a classic like black. I love my long-quilted coat from Columbia that’s form-fitting yet insulated for cold days and engineered with Omni-Heat™ reflective lining to retain warmth and add a bit of metallic pizazz.

Be Wary of Proportions – If you have a puffy coat or oversized sweater on top, pair it with slimming, fitted pants on the bottom so you look fashionable not frumpy. Conversely, if you like wide-leg or baggy trousers, offset your top with a fitted turtleneck or shirt to balance out the bulk.

Add a Splash of Color – Just because it looks blah outside doesn’t mean you have to stick to a monochromatic or neutral color palette (although those never go out of style). A pop of color can brighten up everything from your mood to your outfit and pastels look especially chic against a snowy white backdrop.

Don’t Skimp on Boots – Your footwear is one of your most important pieces as it needs to keep you both warm and dry. And with so many styles to choose, you need to find the right fit and function for you. Are you primarily going to wear them for commuting or outdoor adventures? Do you prefer short or tall? Ankle or over the knee? Leather or rubber? Lined or lightweight? What about waterproofing? Think of all your use cases and choose a few pairs that are practical for your needs. One of my new wardrobe staples is the Columbia Ice Maiden™ Shorty which is perfect for going from the city to the trail with faux fur for style that’s rated up to -25°F for insulation. But like anything, it’s largely personal preference. Here are some other recommended women’s hiking boots.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize – Scarves, hats, vests, and gloves aren’t just for warmth they’re also great for accentuating your outfit. There are so many styles of each from beanies and fedoras to infinity scarves and pashminas you could completely change a look just by your outerwear. And don’t forget the sunnies! You can still get sunburnt in winter – especially on the slopes.

Don’t Discount Winter Skirts and Dresses – You can still look feminine even with a million layers on. With the right fleece-lined tights and cozy boots, sweater dresses or suede skirts paired with a fitted cardigan or long jacket are a great look for winter or fall.

Material Girl – Choose materials that are good quality and diverse enough to make a statement. Think silk scarves, flannel shirts, rubber boots, leather or suede jackets. And you don’t have to sacrifice comfort – even your basic leggings can be dressed up or down.

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