Since it’s well documented that I get ADD with people, places and things, I like to keep myself entertained with a myriad of random hobbies. As a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, these are great things to do in Denver for a girl’s day out that are more interesting than simply getting hammered or the inevitable wine/painting night. Any of these would make a pretty killer date, as well.

 Photo by Jon Trainor, Flickr


Or as we like to call it, Katniss Practice. With a facility right off I-70, No Limits Archery has two ranges in a glorified warehouse, one to shoot paper targets and another to shoot fake animals. They have classes or you can simply rent equipment and go at it on your own. Great stress relief for just $7, you can imagine which way I went. RIP deer.

golf lessons
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Golf isn’t that unique of a hobby, but it’s one of those must-have life skills to be able to schmooze. Get Golf Ready is a great program run by the PGA at various courses around the country. A series of 5 lessons in which you learn everything needed to competently play the green and the lingo that goes along with it, we took our classes at City Park – highly recommended. Top Golf is also my new favorite hangout. The adult version of cosmic bowling, this psychedelic driving range is great for group outings — and they actually have surprisingly good food and drinks (legit banh mis, injectable donuts and alcoholic root beer).

Fly Fishing
 Photo by Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Flickr

Fly Fishing

A favorite Colorado summertime pastime, fly fishing is more active than regular fishing in that you’re constantly casting and trying to go where the fish are rather than sitting and hoping they come to you. Bass Pro offers great free into lessons on weekends and you can practice in their stocked pond out back.

 Photo by Troy Mason, Flickr


Skiing and boarding are standard Colorado winter activities, but snowshoeing sounds more unique even though it’s really just glorified hiking in the winter. So easy anyone can do it, REI offers introductory classes and gear, although I found an awesome Groupon for Snowshoeing and Fondue, which is the cutest date ever. 

 Photo by Natalie Ingram, Flickr

Krav Maga or Capoeira

This really falls under any type of exotic martial art, which doubles as entertainment and a workout (I hate running, the boredom kicks in after mile 1.5). Krav is a type of self-defense developed by the Israeli army in which you learn hand-to-hand combat and basically three ways to kill someone. If that’s too gruesome, Capoeira is more artistic, a Brazilian form of acrobatic dance with theatrical fights that requires a bit more balance, rhythm and athleticism.

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